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Summer 2019




Social Design

"Would you like to breathe with us?"
"No, I don't have time."
"you don't have time to breathe?"

A breath is created effortlessly, and so our project was born. From the silence between two breaths, from the connection between two
people, it took shape and turned out to be artistic, performative confrontation with its environment. Explicitly 4 seats were created with old clothes lined car tires. These created the space around
to invite people passing by to take a breath. We held the room up as an unintentional space. Contrary to the prevailing systemic thinking based success and goal-oriented management. During the implementation of the project, we noticed that it was precisely this "simple" attitude to irritation and extended questions on our project

in cooperation with artist Nils Böhm

In cooperation with artist Nils Böhm

Our comments

Summer school was room in a room. Empty and therefore open for news that was ready to appear Playing field for ideas which are trying to be implemented in larger social orders to become realizable. The summer school opened up a framework in which we us interdisciplinarily with each other, at the same time it was us time and space to grow ideas in a relaxed atmosphere to be able to leave.

»Don’t do everything, do something«
»Don’t be everywhere, be here« 

Donna Haraway

What is EX_KURS?

The idea EX_KURS is an extraordinary educational cooperative between Hamburg universities (in summer 2019 HAW, HCU, MSH) and the Wilhelmsburg district (local cultural institutions, initiatives and company). In view of the increasing linkage of global ecological and social challenges, previous disciplinary boundaries are being replaced by the development of a community learning format put: How do we live... do we consume... do we sleep... do we eat... do we work tomorrow? ex_kurs moderated as a public welfare oriented incubator, the cooperation based on the model of a public "scientific studios" to tackle complex problems sustainability through the integration of research, education and politics and society. A format emerges that the monodisciplinary concepts of our universities and for the radical development of openness of institutions and actors.

in cooperation with artist Nils Böhm in cooperation with artist Nils Böhm