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A Story about my Grandma.
She is living alone in Russia since 15 years. 

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Summer 2019





She lives in a village without supermarket, internet since 15 years she's not living with her cow Riabinka and her first and only love – my grandpa Volodia.

She lives alone, does not watch TV (‘because it makes her sad’) and takes care of her fruit and vegetable garden. They wait for our meeting every year in September. She is my Babushka. Babushka cannot be translated.

Babushka is a woman who loves her grandchildren from all over the world, she bakes blini, makes jam and homemade wine and tells stories.

I want to tell your story.

The trip to visit my grandma through Russia is very strained and takes a lot of time, because of the political situation between Ukraine and Russia. Border control, interrupted roads …

*An ongoing project.